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You can purchase bulk amounts of Q-tips or cotton balls at any big box store or drug store. Purchasing bulk amounts of t-shirts with a single color of printing is pretty inexpensive. Also read: Mobile Fiels Shelter 18 Foot By 12 Foot With Hayloft For Less Than 900 Pounds You can also purchase single color t-shirts in a variety of sizes and colors from Hobby Lobby for a couple dollars each. Marbles: You can put a small handful of marbles in a single color of paint or have different marbles in different colors. As I was unloading my cart onto the counter to purchase, I laughed at myself: every single thing was neutral. Then you can easily add them to your cart! If an item you’re looking for is on sale (better than you can get with your 40% off coupon!) ask for a rain check. Coupon Discount codes can also be found on popular social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Pinterest, Youtube etc. where customers and Merchants regularly shares working codes/deals. I also recommend laying down lots of newspaper or other material that you can throw away when you’re done before working on any messy painting projects with preschoolers. Bowling ball: One of the summers that I was working at the preschool, some of the teachers found an old bowling ball in the bushes around the building.

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If you haven’t inherited a bowling ball, you may be able to pick up one on the cheap from craigslist or a garage sale. We filled a shallow pan with pan with paint, dipped the bowling ball in it, and let the kids gently roll the ball to each other over the paper. Set up a box like you did for the fly swatter and let students dip their brushes and flick the paint on the paper. Be careful not to let them mix too many different colors or the paint will end up dark brown or almost black. Tear small balls of assorted paper/foil for your students and let them paint away. Since they are very cheap, don’t be afraid to let kids experiment with lots of different color paints or sticking several Q-tips or cotton balls together. I had a fat quarter in her favorite pink color so I covered the top and tied it closed with pink ribbon.

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The shirts that we used had the name of the camp at the top and a picture frame in the middle for painting. Also read: Here’s What To Do With Those Unwanted Gift Cards! Golf balls: Golf balls have a wonderful texture for painting. Other classes only meet one time, which can be nice if you’re just starting with a craft and aren’t sure if you have the talent or time to pursue it on a regular basis. This would tie in wonderfully with a science unit if you had the students make predictions ahead of time about what would happen to the paint on different surfaces. Also read: 50% Off W Promo Code The next time you spray a can of shaving cream in the water table, put a few paint brushes in with the toys. We will be taking a little bit of your time and in return, we will provide you with the latest Hobby Lobby Coupons, deals, and offers. Check below to see our latest coupon codes, coupons, sales and special offers. This hobby lobby coupon 40% off makes the people to enthusiastically shop more craft items than the regular need. All in all, I’m a fan of Hobby Lobby. Be budget savvy and enjoy amazing deals, free shipping offers, incredible gifts and more while shopping with Hobby Lobby coupon!

Deal Activated, No Coupon Code Required!

Limit one coupon per customer per day. Each store gets one truck per week, so be sure to contact your local store to confirm what day they their trucks come in. Also read: Can Your Business Go Places With Facebook Deals. What I finally found was a red “wired sketch journal” or an “art journal” at Hobby Lobby (a chain craft supply store in the US). Supplies for the Autograph Book on Amazon: – The red covered one I used is difficult to find. Other departments such as Papercrafting, Needle Art, Sewing, Fabric, Crafting, and Art Supplies do have sales and a lot of good ones, but they are not as easy to predict. I spent a lot of time trying to find just the right book to use for my autograph book project. For timid painters, have them start with just one or two fingertips at a time. Balled household materials: The next time you’re shopping for kitchen supplies such as wax paper or aluminum foil, pick up an extra pack for your classroom. It was in the “art supplies” section of the store with the oil paints, pencils and brushes. If you keep scrolling down, you can see what autograph supplies are available now.